Vision, dreams and values

“If we haven’t specified where we want to go, it is hard to set our compass, to muster enthusiasm, or to measure progress. But vision is not only missing almost entirely from policy discussions; it is missing from our culture. We talk easily and endlessly about our frustrations, doubts, and complaints, but we speak only rarely, and sometimes with embarrassment, about our dreams and values.”

– Donella Meadows, Donella Meadows Institute

Raising Regenerative Community

In the wake of unprecedented fire catastrophes throughout Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Lake and Mendocino Counties, the North Bay Region faces both overwhelming challenges and historic opportunities. Much has been written about the challenges, and our hearts break for our neighbors, colleagues and friends who have lost so much in life, livelihood and property. We pledge our unwavering aid to help them rebuild their communities.

While no one wishes for disaster, the aftermath affords unique opportunities to rethink our communities and contemplate whether we have the ideas, drive and talent to create even better communities in the place we call home.

Sustainable North Bay is convening community leaders to serve as a catalyst for collaborative action in linking recovery and development efforts to sustainable social, environmental and economic prosperity.

Looking Forward

North Bay Forward is a project of Sustainable North Bay. This website is designed to serve as a community calendar and resource depository with a focus on recovery and development efforts that include sustainable social, environmental and economic prosperity. Visitors can add links and events.

Since 2005 members of Sustainable North Bay (SNB) have convened the annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference, coalescing in recent years around the principles of One Planet Living (OPL).  OPL provides a holistic framework to examine our community impact, identify appropriate solutions and communicate the actions being taken to key stakeholders. We will be organizing activities with specific attention paid to the OPL for Cities and Regions.

North Bay Forward is informed by the Roadmap to Shared Prosperity from CA Forward.

North Bay Forward is inspired by Tuscaloosa Forward.

North Bay Forward is looking forward.



The Missing Middle – Dan Parolek

Dan Parolek presents Missing MIddle Housing in Portland, Oregon, exploring how house-scale, multiunit building types respond intelligently to shifting demographics and the rising demand for walkable neighborhood living. This is density without infill. The designs are complementary to single family homes, many have ADus or are multiplex.